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Explore resources and find support for healthy pregnancy

  1. Book your midwife
  2. Start taking the recommended supplements
  3. Talk to your midwife about screening tests
  4. Eat whole foods (cut down on fizzy drinks and highly processed foods)
  5. Ask for support for a smokefree, alcohol-free healthy pregnancy
Find your Midwife

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For further information, contact a health professional such as your doctor, midwife, dietitian, nurse or pharmacist.

Maternity Services

  • Protecting your baby starts in pregnancy
  • Get immunised while pregnant against whooping cough and influenza
  • It's free, recommended, and has a proven safety record
Immunisation During Pregnancy

Risks from influenza infection for pregnant women

  • Being pregnant and getting influenza means you are at increased risk of pneumonia
  • You are nearly 5 times more likely to be admitted to hospital with influenza compared to a non-pregnant woman

Risks from influenza infection for infants

  •   Premature birth
  •   Low birth weight
  •   Miscarriage/still birth
  •   Birth defects

Neonatal vaccines - for infants at risk of Hepatitis B or Tuberculosis

Neonatal Hepatitis B Vaccination – Ministry of Health Resources

BCG Vaccine – Ministry of Health Resources

The Ministry of Health recommends the following:

Lead maternity carers and GPs should:

  • assess all neonates and new patients aged under 5 years for their risk of TB
  • flag in their practice management system and/or medical records if an infant/child is at increased risk of TB (i.e. meets the eligibility criteria for funded BCG vaccination)

Resources on Childhood Immunisations

For further information

Ministry of Health Guidelines for Pregnant Women


Ministry for Primary Industries – Food Safety for pregnant women

Healthy recipes for wider family eating

Videos (2-5 minutes each) on why it is important to eat well in order to give your child the best start to life (compiled by Gravida)

Physical Activity and Pregnancy

For more information about local activities:
0800 ACTIVE  (0800 22 84 83)

Mental Health

Information & Resources

  • Positively Pregnant (NZ specific, developed by University of Waikato)
  • Smiling Mind (mindfulness)
  • Headspace (mindfulness)


  • Community Mental Health & Addictions - Triage Phone 07 579 8880.


Smoking Cessation

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Community Mental Health & Addiction Services


  • Community Mental Health & Addictions
    Triage Phone 07 579 8880


Antenatal (Childbirth) Education Classes

Bay of Plenty

Rotorua Parents Centre |

Hapu Mama classes - kaupapa Maori model for pregnancy and parenting information

  • Mokoia Community Association, Owhata (refreshments are provided)

For bookings:

Taupo Parents Centre |

  • Childbirth education courses are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings 7-9pm (and some weekends 9.30am-3.30pm)
  • Rangiaatea Waaenaanga-Kaupapa Maori based childbirth education courses are held on Saturdays 9-5pm, February, May, August and November.

Parenting Classes

  • PLACE baby in his or her own bed
  • ELIMINATE smoking in the home
  • POSITION baby flat on his or her back
  • ENCOURAGE and support breastfeeding

Information for Fathers

Safe Sleeping




Local Support

Further resources

Checklist for Parents of Newborns

  1. WellChild/Tamariki Ora Providers: 
  1. Dental Service: 
  1. National Immunisation Register (NIR):






  • Hazards of alcohol use by pregnant women and women of reproductive age: Resources for health professionals
    • ABC Alcohol for Pregnancy
    • Pamphlet
    • Video on health professionals’ role in addressing alcohol use in pregnancy

Post-natal Depression

Quick Guides

Research (Reviews Reports, Literature reviews)

Other websites and resources