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CHIP/Eclair - Click to access CHIP/Eclair


If you are still accessing Eclair independently of CHIP use this link - ECLAIR

In order to access Éclair results please now utilise CHIP (the Clinical Health Information Portal), which logs directly into Éclair on your behalf.

If you do not have an Éclair/CHIP access please complete the Information Access Agreement and email to the BOPDHB IT Servicedesk: or post to:

GP CHIP/Éclair Primary Access
Information Management Department
Tauranga Hospital
Cameron Road, Private Bag 12024

Each clinician is required to complete an agreement and will be issued with an individual login/password, which should not be shared with others. Note all access activity is logged and you should be able to account for it if requested.

Using CHIP: 

CHIP is also now available directly from your patient management system (Medtech, My Practice and Profile). This means that users with a BPAC account no longer need to enter a user name or password. When the CHIP link is clicked you will be taken straight to the electronic record of the patient that you currently have open in your PMS.