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Latest From the BOPDHB CEO, Helen Mason

In this newsletter I wanted to acknowledge two very different types of high performance. 


In this newsletter I wanted to acknowledge two very different types of high performance. 

Tauranga Hospital Play Service 

Firstly, from a more traditional health service delivery perspective, the performance of the Tauranga Hospital Play Service (THPS). The play service recently underwent an ERO (Education Review Office) inspection and I’m delighted to say the results were excellent.

The service provides a four-hour morning session for children who are hospitalised for short or long stays. Programmes are also provided in the ward for children whose healthcare requirements prevent them from attending the activity room. The overall finding of the report was that the THPS was “very well placed to promote positive learning outcomes for children”.

Amongst many glowing comments, the ERO report stated:

“The service’s philosophy emphasises reciprocal and respectful relationships with families/whānau that prioritise the needs of each child. The programme provides learning  xperiences and helps to minimise the negative stresses and anxieties of medical treatment and hospitalisation.

“Links to Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum, and a commitment to the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand are highly evident. 

“Positive aspects identified in ERO’s 2013 and 2010 reports have been sustained over time.

“Respectful relationships with families, and effective leadership and internal evaluation systems remain features of the service. The THPS have continued to strengthen bicultural practices and enhance the profile of the service within the hospital and community.”

The longest cycle a service can be placed on without further inspection is four years. This is the cycle which the THPS was placed on by the ERO following this inspection; a real vote of confidence.

The achievements of the play service team are a great demonstration of our CARE values at work. They clearly show ‘compassion’; their ‘attitude’ is will-do and one of team unity; the ‘responsiveness’ is demonstrated in the way they engage with the children and their families; and the fact that they are achieving ‘excellence’ is clearly shown by the ERO report.

Congratulations and thank you to all involved in delivering this valuable patient and family centred care service.


Staff Revue

On a very different note, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the recent Hospital Revue ‘A Time to Laugh - DHB’s got talent or not?’ be that on-stage, behind the scenes or in the audience.

It was a very well attended event, people put a huge amount of effort into it and it was a lot of fun. There were some pretty racy segments at times – including a never-to-be-forgotten Borat impersonator in a mankini.

It was a really enjoyable evening on many levels. The thing that I was most impressed with was the amount of talent we have in our ranks, and how hard so many people had worked to make it a great night. It was a reminder for me that whilst we’re all focussed on delivering the best services we can when we’re at work, we shouldn’t forget that the people we’re working alongside bring much more than their professional skills.

People from right across the organisation took part, giving a really broad representation of our 3000 staff. And the event wasn’t only internal; the choir included GPs and people from the community.

All in all it was a great night and congratulations and thank you to everyone who took part. 

undefined Revue 2016 Winners (from left to right):
Belladonna Wright, Sandra 
Zammit and
Lisa Rodgers-Owen from Mental Health
Services for Older 
People (MHSOP).


Willa gives play service seal of approval

Last week three-year-old Will Franken, and her mum Suzanne, experienced firsthand what our play service has to offer.

“I didn’t realise the hospital would have something like this,” said Suzanne. “I was told there was an area but wasn’t expecting very much. The way they have set it up is really good. I am an early childhood teacher so was really impressed.”

Willa was brought in in the early hours of the morning after suffering headaches, fevers and vomiting.

“She was shown the play area this morning but was pretty lethargic. When she woke up properly it was the first thing she asked for. She loved the Play-Doh and little toy oven,” smiled Suzanne.

“I think they (the play service) do a really great job,” she added.

undefined (Left to right) Suzanne Franken, Education
Specialist Donna Opie, Willa Franken,
Play Specialist Stacey Pennell,
and Play Service 
Team Leader Debbie McDougall.


“Do not waste a minute - not a second - in trying to demonstrate to others the merits of your performance. If your work does not vindicate itself, you cannot vindicate it.” 
Thomas Wentworth Higginson (1823-1911) American Unitarian minister, author, abolitionist, and soldier.

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