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Tonsillectomy e-Referral Going Live 14/04/17

BOPDHB has developed  a new clinical pathway for patients presentating for consideration of tonsillectomy.

BOPDHB has developed  a new clinical pathway for patients presenting for consideration of tonsillectomy. The aim of the pathway is to ensure sufficient information is received to be able to correctly determine the priority of presenting patients and hopefully reduce the declines received back to general practice.

The referral form will provide some decision support for the referrer and consistent clinical information for the receiving specialist. There is two separate components to this, recurrent tonsillitis and sleep disordered breathing. The ENT SMO team have suggested that the best guidelines for determining if the patient requires tonsillectomy for recurrent tonsillitis is to use the paradise criteria. A adaption to this criteria of this has been incorporated into the e referral. For the sleep disordered breathing there is a very time consuming questionnaire which has been condensed to the 6 most relevant questions and put on the e referral. Hopefully this will make the process easier for both the GPs referring and the SMO receiving the referrals.

We have put material on Sleep disordered breathing and the Paradise Criteria on the ENT Information Resources page of Bay Navigator.

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