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You’ll hopefully have noticed the new values signs are starting to go up in our facilities.


July has been CARE values month as we celebrated the launch of our evolved values.

You’ll hopefully have noticed the new values signs are starting to go up in our facilities. We’ve also seen them on take-out coffee cups, and last Thursday at Whakatāne’s Grand Round titled “Movie time with popcorn – the CARE values video featuring Amohaere Tangitu and me was the “shorts”.

What has been heartening has been the way in which our four values compassion; all-one-team; responsive and excellence have been repeated in the Patients Experience Surveys this year.

“The doctor I saw was so helpful, and had compassion which helped, and he explained this to me. It was so good to have your health in the hands of someone who showed both knowledge and understanding."

“It was obvious that the staff were a team as they all worked together and all processes of care seemed to flow. I felt safe and cared for.”

“My experience while in hospital was with complete care and understanding.”

“All hospital staff did everything they could to determine the cause of my problem and explain what they were doing and why. They did many tests – more than I have previously had to determine the reason for my admittance. Excellent service and staff.”

We’ve recently had the Certification Auditors in our hospitals carrying out their regular audit. Last time they were here, they commented that we needed to do work implementing our values. They have commented during this audit that they have seen positive changes, and that our team members are talking about our new values.

I have received many comments that there’s a perceptible positive change in our culture, and it’s certainly being echoed by patients in their feedback. It will be interesting to receive the auditor’s report.

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