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Read the Latest From BOPDHB CE, Helen Mason - 24 July 2019


Thank you

The last edition of the CE Newsletter contained a request for all of our DHB staff to do what they could to ensure our precious resources were being used in the most efficient and appropriate way possible.

I asked staff to think about the role they could play and what they could do individually to make a difference to see where waste could be avoided, or resources used more appropriately. It’s very important that we all ensure we’re using our resources as prudently as possible.

I’m happy to say that I have received a number of emails in the last fortnight from staff members telling me what they are doing in their workplaces to help. Thank you very much to the people who have sent those details through. I feel very heartened that people are stepping forward and taking responsibility and accountability in this way. Every little bit helps.

Name badges


I’ve been equally heartened recently to see the number of people around our hospital campuses who are wearing their name badges. 

The move to introduce name badges was taken as a result of patient feedback. At the centre of our team is the patient, their family and whānau. What we’ve heard from patients, families and whānau is that it’s very important to them to have a lovely first welcome, and to know the name of the person they are speaking to and who is caring for them.

When our community receives our services, they’re often coming into an unfamiliar and possibly frightening environment. They are usually at their most vulnerable. They’ve told us that one of the things that makes a difference is knowing who is helping them, their name and what they do. This is our community’s perspective of coming into our world. Our teams have also told us that it’s important for them to know the names of their colleagues.

Thank you for your support in responding to our community’s request, and for all you do for the health and well-being of our Bay of Plenty community. Deeply appreciated.

Our Executive Team

We’ve had some feedback that people would like to know more about the members of the Exec team, who we are, what we do and a bit about our backgrounds. Below are our responses, which you’ll also shortly find on OnePlace, and which I hope you find interesting. I feel very lucky to be part of this team, who have great skills and experience, and work hard each day to help make BOPDHB the best it can be. The team are listed in alphabetical order on first name basis.

Click here to read about the Executive Team.

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