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Clinical Matters Newsletter - March 2021

Welcome to the March 2021 Edition of Clinical Matters!

In this issue...

  • Gluten-Free Education for Patients with Coeliac Disease
  • SMO List Now Live on
    Bay Navigator
  • Changes to Murmur Clinic Pathway
  • BOPDHB Grand Round Presentations
  • Waitlist Enquiries for the Cardiology Clinic
  • Midland HealthPathways Update
  • Changes to the Service Provision for Termination of Pregnancy Counselling


Gluten-Free Education for Patients with Coeliac Disease

Please click here for an update on the new format for gluten-free diet education from nutrition services at BOPDHB.
You can make referrals via the BOPDHB – Public, Allied Health, Dietitians BPAC eReferral form.


Changes to Murmur Clinic Pathway

Click here for an update from our cardiology department on what happens with your murmur clinic referrals.


Waitlist Enquiries for the Cardiology Clinic

If you want to enquire about a referral you sent to the Cardiology Clinic, please avoid using the BPAC ereferral channel. This creates another referral at the other end which gets logged, allocated, and is eventually dealt with by the cardiologist grading that day. 

Instead, use the helpline phone number 0800 333 477 or email for these types of queries. A big thank you from your Cardiology Department.


Changes to the Service Provision for Termination of Pregnancy Counselling

Bay of Plenty District Health Board (BOPDHB) have changed the service provision for Termination of Pregnancy Counselling. EAP Services is now providing a timely and FREE access to counselling services for any BOP domiciled woman as per section 12 of the Abortion Legislation Act 2020.

Under the changes to the Abortion Legislation Act (hereafter ‘the Act’), all women considering a termination of pregnancy (TOP) should be offered (non-mandatory) counselling. BOPDHB have procured EAP Services to provide this service for the whole of the Bay of Plenty. A TOP process map including the new counselling pathway will be linked on Bay Navigator Pathways soon.
Any woman eligible for publicly funded healthcare services and their significant others (partners and whānau) who reside in the Bay of Plenty District Health Board region and requests:
•            pre-decision/pregnancy options counselling
•            pre-abortion counselling
•            post-abortion counselling.

Women can request a counselling appointment online or by phone 24/7.
Free Phone: 0800 327 669 (anytime) – quote BOP customer number 16619.

Referrers can email a referral to  Please see (MEMO hyperlinked) for how to refer. Termination service access by gestational age are also outlined below and detailed in the memo.

  1. 0-9 weeks gestation. Early Medical Abortions are provided by Family Planning NZ – Tauranga.
  2. Up to 14 weeks and 2 days – Lakes DHB (Rotorua Hospital)
  3. 13 to 18 weeks – Epsom Day Unit Auckland (bookings made through BOPDHB)
  4. 18 to 20 weeks - without fetal abnormality – currently no defined service options for BOP women
  5. Fetal abnormality – BOPDHB (Tauranga hospital).


SMO List Now Live on Bay Navigator

If you’ve ever wondered which team discharged your patient, or who the SMO was whose name you didn’t recognize on a Transfer of Care (TOC), you can now look up all of BOPDHB’s SMOs on Bay Navigator. This list includes the Whakatāne site. Click here to check it out.

Any feedback is welcome, just email us at


BOPDHB Grand Round Presentations

Grand Round at Tauranga Hospital is held regularly on Tuesdays (1230-1330) at the Conference Centre (behind the Medical Library) on the ground floor. 

Grand Round is a weekly forum for local and visiting speakers from a range of disciplines. It provides a valuable opportunity for junior and senior hospital medical staff to present on behalf of their departments/specialties'. 

If you would like to join the emailing list to be notified of sessions in advance so you can attend in person or via zoom please email

Below are the video links to recent presentations:


Midland HealthPathways Update

New pathways for GPs on HealthPathways
The following pathways are now live on our HealthPathways site for you to use:

  • Mumps
  • Transgender Care

And remember there is up-to-date information on all matters Covid-19 for primary care on Health Pathways, including national as well as local information.

HealthPathways is a collection of management guidelines specifically tailored to primary care.  Our GP Liaison team is in the process of 'localising' these pathways to the Bay of Plenty, i.e, making them relevant to GPs and other primary care providers specifically in the Bay of Plenty.  You'll find valuable pointers on history, examination, treatment and of course when and how to refer patients on to other services.  These pathways will, over time, be replacing the Bay Navigator pathways.


Dr Chris Tofield, Dr Dan Jackson, and Dr Paula Taylor

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