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Celo Health - your chance to join

Dear GP colleagues,

Approximately three months ago we launched a trial of the Celo Health app ( with a small number of SMOs and GPs. If you're not familiar with Celo, this is a free app that provides a communication platform for users, sort of like a medical version of WhatsApp with one-to-one secure messaging (including photos or video clips). The app does not replace a call or eReferral to the on-duty specialists, i.e. is not to be used for advice on acute issues or whether to admit. 

Now we have 19 GPs, 20 SMOs and 3 Allied Health specialists using this app here in BOP. Those who have used it found it very helpful, enabling a quick question with a fast response, in both directions. 

To quote one of our SMOs: "Often we have questions arise in medicine that can be very easily answered with a quick text rather than a phone call".

We are now opening this up to all GPs and SMOs in BOP to increase usefulness. The more doctors on board, the better it will work.

We would love you to join. Simply text your GP Liaison Dr Chris Tofield on 0221501058 and he can text you an invitation link. Any questions, feel free to contact Chris as well.


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