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Shortage in Supply of CPAP Machines Affecting Sleep Service

There is a global shortage in supply of CPAP machines with remote connectivity. 

Both ResMed and Fisher&Paykel are not able to supply Tauranga Hospital Sleep Service with their devices as a consequence of discontinuation of supply of microchips which are used in the production of CPAP equipment. This situation is looking as if it may last for some time, even months.

The Sleep service is now approaching 'old,' patients who are noncompliant with their CPAP therapy to try and recycle their machines to be able to start new urgent patients on treatment.

Also, the Sleep service may have to go back to the old type of CPAP machines without remote connectivity but unfortunately does not have sufficient staff to monitor progress with the therapy with this type of device.

The public and private sectors are affected in the same way.

There is currently a long wait for sleep diagnostics but in view of the above the wait time for initiation of CPAP therapy will increase significantly. As of a few days ago the Sleep service had only 10 CPAP machines in stock for both Tauranga and Whakatāne, while they receive approximately 20-25 sleep referrals per week.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We (the Sleep Service) will try hard to keep our services going. Resmed and Fisher&Paykel are doing everything they can to resolve this and or limit the impact.

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