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Community Mental Health Staff Shortages in the Eastern Bay

Morena to everyone
This is to let you know we are continuing to experience critical staffing shortages daily in our Eastern Bay teams, sector and acute care teams and currently have no consult liaison nurse available.
We are working to address solutions and to minimise the impact this may have on our service delivery but there may be changes to how we can respond to service need. Due to these shortages some staff will be working outside of their usual roles.  
I am asking for your understanding at this time for the staffing team who are working very hard to provide response to the community and to all of our stakeholders.  
If the person is currently case managed within Adult Community Mental Health services, please contact administration who can put you directly through to the appropriate person.
  1. If the person is under 18 and during working hours, please contact Whakatāne Voyagers (age <18) - 0800 486 947 – After hours for under 18 please contact 0800774545
  2. If you need to contact us for acute support from the adult team (eg, in a crisis)  please contact our Mental Health line ie 0800 774 545
We appreciate your support at this time.
Carly Sudlow
Service Manager
Community Mental Health
Kind regards
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