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Management of Monoclonal Gammopathy
New Zealand

Referrals and Advice

Blood transfusions/infusions at Whakatāne Surgical Admissions Unit

Ring the unit on 3063011 or 3060806 and talk to one of the nurses:

  • A referral/request letter faxed to 3060956 is required indicating the reason for/urgency of the transfusion and patient history.
  • Once the referral has been received the patient will be contacted to arrange a suitable day.
  • Infusions are carried on days when a bed/chair/staff are available (this is primarily a surgical admissions unit).
  • If patients cannot be accommodated in a timely manner, arrangements will be made for the patient to go to a ward for treatment.

Note: if the patient is symptomatic please refer to the emergency department

Note: if the patient is under the oncology team, they should be referred to the oncology unit in the first instance

Management of Monoclonal Gammopathy
Faster Cancer Treatment
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