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Interim Referral Pathway for Surgical Termination of Pregnancy Service in Rotorua

As you may know, Tokoroa are no longer operating a Surgical Termination of Pregnancy service, but Rotorua have started to provide both a medical and surgical service.

You can still refer to Waikato via the BPAC referral system, but Rotorua have not yet established an eReferral system.

As such, to make a referral to Rotorua, either send a fax to 07 349 7945 or email to

They request that you attach:

  • Ultrasound report
  • Routine antenatal blood tests
  • STI panel
  • High Vaginal Swab

You don’t need to wait for test results before referring – they would prefer you refer as soon as possible, and as long as tests are requested they will follow up the results.

Rotorua perform Medical TOP to 8 weeks and Surgical TOP to 13 weeks 6 days.

Please find attached a referral form and patient advice leaflet. 

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