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Read the Latest from BOPDHB CE, Helen Mason - 8 October 2019

BOPDHB world view We recently held staff forums in both Whakatāne and Tauranga and I had the opportunity to outline our current position as an organisation and where we are headed.


Staff forums – What’s happening?

BOPDHB world view We recently held staff forums in both Whakatāne and Tauranga and I had the opportunity to outline our current position as an organisation and where we are headed. Both of these events were very well attended and it was great to see so many people there.

I’ve decided to use this newsletter to convey some of the key points covered in those forums for those who were unable to attend.

I began by giving some detail about the new role I’m taking up later this year in Australia (covered further down this newsletter) but also to explain a little about my decision to leave. As with most things in life, the decision was really about timing.

I’ve enjoyed 21 happy and fulfilling years at the BOPDHB, having started as a Flexi nurse at Tauranga Hospital all those years ago. I’m also coming up to four years in the CE role and I feel it’s a good time and opportunity for the DHB to embark on a change of leadership. The role I’ve been offered is also a good opportunity for me to challenge myself in a completely different country and environment. On a personal level, as some of you may know, I also have family members living in Melbourne.


Why are we having an Interim CE for six months?

I thought it might be helpful to explain some of the reasons why the Board has appointed an Interim CE for six months. Again it’s about timing, and this time it’s because of the Board elections on 12 October.

The Board’s most important job is to appoint a new CE and an outgoing Board cannot do that. The incoming Board will have new Board members, perhaps around four or five, and there will also be a new Board Chair. The first proper Board meeting is in January and there will be a period of bedding in, and deciding the process to be used for appointing to the CE role. All of that means that it makes sense to have an Interim CE in place during this period of transition for the Board.

Simon Everitt as Interim CE

I would like to put on record how pleased I am that the Board has appointed Simon Everitt as Interim CE. Simon has been with our organisation for five years and held executive roles with three other DHBs previously. Simon knows the DHB well, he exemplifies our CARE values and has regularly been Acting CE.

The Board had choices in terms of Interim CE, which included whether to go external or internal. Going internal was a real signal from the Board of confidence in our 3,500 staff, confidence in our executive team, and confidence in the strength of that team. It was a very positive signal.

Does new Board, new Chair, new CE, equal lots of changes for BOPDHB?

One question I have been asked quite a lot is that, given we’re getting a new Board, new Chair, and new CE, does this mean there will be a whole lot of change for BOPDHB?

We’ve been doing a lot of work to ensure that’s not the case in the short term. So, whilst there’s nothing to guarantee the new Board won’t come in with new ideas, we’re not anticipating huge change over the shortterm. We’ve been working on stability for the year ahead especially and I’ve been liaising closely with Simon on handover and continuity.

The most important aspect for this continuity is that we have our four strategic priorities identified: Child Wellbeing; Business Redesign; Integrated Care; Mental Health.


These priorities are based on our Strategic Health Services Plan and on Te Toi Ahorangi and were identified through the work our COO Pete Chandler undertook on evolution.

Pete spent his time on evolution looking at all the things we’ve committed to and how we’re going to get more traction on them. Where do we need to put resource, what do we need to focus on? He distilled this work down to a list of 12 transformational actions. At the same time Te Toi Ahorangi has been developed and we’ve had 8 specific actions, Ngā Au Rangi, emanating from that.

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